Stratta Group Highlights

Our Vision   

The Stratta Group provides expert Infrastructure Architecture, Security and Operational capabilities and services including:

  • Expert Infrastructure and Security consultancy so as to achieve a comprehensive Infrastructure, Security and Operational architecture, 
  • Security Assessments using our comprehensive and thorough Security Assessment process, with specific Financial Services focus. 
  • Infrastructure build-out services to implement the infrastructure architecture putting into place the security and operational controls necessary to run your business, 
  • Recommend and implement third-party and partner provided services to meet financial service industry security and operational requirements. 

A Proven Track Record   

The Stratta Group has provided guidance to companies of all sizes from small start-ups to large, global multi-billion dollar organizations. We focus primarily on the Financial Services industry, but also provide our services to other industry segments. We have provided services to large investment banks, like Credit Suisse, as well as other industry leaders such as Reuters, Wolters Kluwer, and Bunge Corporation. 

We provide personalized and professional service.  Plesae ask a sales representative how we can help your organization.

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