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Mission and Core Competencies    

Our mission is “To provide expert, balanced advisement in advanced security technologies and solutions.”

The Stratta Group was formally formed in 2004. Its principle advisor and founder Paul A. Stirpe, Ph.D., has provided expert security advisement since 1996 in projects ranging from Cloud security, single sign-on, software security, PKI, infrastructure security, secure software development, to name a few. The Stratta Group is a highly focused security consultancy providing hands-on, personalized expert security advisement as with particular focus in the Financial Services industry. Our goal is to provide well balanced expertise that enables organizations to make enhancements in security systems and processes while making intelligent and balanced investment decisions.

Core competencies include:

  • Cloud and Infrastructure Security - Cloud security is a hot topic in the IT world, as companies strive to create their Cloud roadmap. At Stratta Group, we are not just talking about it, but are doing it. We have helped companies embrace the Cloud while still meeting stringent security and operational requirements. 


  • Infrastructure Architecture - Infrastructure Architecture forms the foundation on which your business runs. While is may not be rocket science, we help you navigate the various costs options, and develop a reliable, flexible and scalable solution which is cost conservative. Let us show you how. 


  • Security Architecture - A proper Security Architecture can go a long ways to protect your business assets. Many vendors push their particular solution without a broad focus or concern for your overall business. We can define a custom Security Architecture that takes into account your overall business needs, and balances cost and effectivness. Unlike many security vendors, we are not pushing a particular technology or solution, but stive to provide an optimal, well balanced solution particular to your business needs.  


  • Operations Architecture - Operational apsects of running your business requires that standard policies and procedures are instituted and followed. The Stratta Group can assist in putting in place proper, cost effective, auditable Operational controls and procedures. 


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