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Cloud Security    

Cloud security is a hot topic these days in the IT world, as companies strive to create their Cloud roadmap. At Stratta Group, we are not just talking about it, but are doing it. We have helped companies embrace the Cloud while still meeting stringent security and operational requirements. 

Cloud vendors provide a base set of capabilities. However, they are not enough to meet adequate security requirements by themselves. At Stratta Group, we have solved this problem by creating and overlaying our security architecture that addresses Cloud vendor shortcomings. We have developed a Cloud Security Readiness Assessment. 

Cloud Security Readiness Assessment

Using our comprehensive Cloud Readiness Security Assessment process, we (1) provide a score-card result to help you determine the readiness of your applications or services for the cloud, (2) identify gaps in capabilities that need to be mitigated prior to Cloud deployment, (3) help identify and prioritize your investments in security, operations, technology and services.  

Our Cloud Security Readiness Assessment process has been developed based on the latest research, industry standards and plain old years of hands-on experience.  Our assessment has particular strength in the financial services industry, but is applicable to all companies providing services on the Cloud. Click here to read our brochure.

Using our solution, your business can meet the hard security requirements that your clients demand. Let's work together to figure out  the appropriate approach for your business. 

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