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Infrastructure Architecture    

Infrastructure Architecture forms the foundation on which your business runs. While is may not be rocket science, we help you navigate the various costs options, and develop a relaible, flexible and scalable solution which is cost conservative. 

The Stratta Group can help you create a cost effective, scalable, flexible and reliable infrastructure architecture.  Through our interactive process, we will evaluate your application and environmental requirements, work with you to clarify cost benefit trade-offs, and propose a specific architecture. We are highly knowledgable with respect to various cloud solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) like Microsoft Azure. We can specify the most cost effective and reliable approach, while helping you meet your client Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements.  

During the informatoin gathering process, we minimally address the following critical areas: 

  • Infrastructure cost analysis, IaaS, PaaS vendor recommendations, system scale-out trade-offs.
  • Application and infrastructure resilience
  • Disaster Recovery Architecture and Fail-over. 
  • Backup and data Recover.
  • Data Retention requirements. 
  • Horizontal modular scalability.
  • Session state management and load balancing architecture.
  • Firewall, Server end-point lock-down and rules management.
  • Network design, physical and logical separations (VLAN).
  • DNS (primary and secondary services)
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