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Security Architecture    

A proper Security Architecture can go a long ways to protect your business assets. Many vendors push their particular solution without a broad focus or concern for your overall business. We can define a custom Security Architecture that takes into account your overall business needs, and balances cost and effectivness. Unlike many security vendors, we are not pushing a particular technology or solution, but stive to provide an optimal, well balanced solution particular to your business needs.  

The Stratta Group can create the right security architecture for your company. We address critical areas including:

  • Secure Infrastructure Architecture including the network level, server infrastructure, and application architecture. 
  • Security and Operational Architecture standards and implementation addressing access controls, authentication, single-sign on, separation of duties, audit, secure communication channels, data handling controls, etc.
  • Secure Application Software Architecture including Microsoft .Net and Java technologies
  • Security Assessment response preparation, responding to client inquires with respect to a broad range of areas including security, operational processes and procedures, or in general non-functional aspects of the provided application service.
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