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Security Services    

The Stratta Group provides cost effective Infrastructure, Security and Operational service offerings. We combine Stratta Group provided services, as well as best-of-breed third-party service offerings to provide you with a comprehensive set of service, including:

Security Assessment - Using our comprehensive Security Assessment process, we can provide a score-card result to help you identify and prioritize your investment in security, operations, security technology and services.  Our Security Assessment process has been developed based on the lastest research, industry standards and plain old years of hands-on experience. Our Security Assessment has particular focus in the financial services industry, but is applicable for all companies providing products and services. 

Services Monitoring and Alert - Provide services health monitoring of servers and application services including application availability of all critical infrastructure including application servers, database servers, email systems, web servers, etc. 

System Log Capture and Retention - Ability to capture system log information, such as web server log information, application exception information, notifications, etc. 

Network Traffic Trace and Retention - Ability to trace and retain low level network traffic for post analysis, and for meeting audit/retention requirements. Our service can capture all traffic on internal networks, encrypt it, and retain it for long term storage. At your request, we provide post-analysis and reporting of traffic content using the latest analytic and research tools. 

Server Patch Management - Keeping the server infrastructure up-to-date with respect to the latest operating system and security patches. 

Penetration Testing - Coordinate with third-party penetration test providers to implement Penetration testing, mitigate vulnerabilities, and produce client-ready status reports.  We work with many Penetration test vendors and can help steer you to use the most cost-effective, appropriate solution. We can help interpret the results, and have the expertise mitigate any issues that may be found, whether they be software fixes, infrastructure changes, or interface issues. 

Intrusion Detection - Coordinate with third-party Intrusion Detection System (ISD) providers to implement IDS within the infrastructure, obtain notification of incidents, and assist in their mitigation.

Secure Software Development Controls - Provide and enforce secure software policies. Institute internal vulnerability scanning and reporting as part of the software development process.

Secondary Domain Name Services (DNS) - Coordinate with third-party DNS providers to enable secondary DNS services, so that if primary DNS services fail, the secondary DNS services will continue to direct users to your company's services.

Secure Communication Channels - We provide secure communication channels between you and your clients using industry standard technologies such as Secure FTP Services (FTPS) for bulk file movements, and IPSec 3DES Virtual Private Networks (VPN) connections. 

Please contact a Stratta Group sales representative to discuss pricing information. 

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