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Operational Services    

We offer a wide range of cost effective operational services to help you keep you business running smoothly. 

Infrastructure Operational Services

  • Build-out, installation, configuration of servers, server security hardening.  
  • Installation of Production, Disaster Recover infrastructures
  • BCP (Business Continuity Planning), including resilience, load balancing, content network caching. 
  • Implementation of automation for data backup, data retention and availability for recovery
  • Disaster Recovery – periodic practice of Disaster Recovery processes and procedures.

Operations Management Services

  • Provide auditable processes and procedures for the following capabilities:
  • Central system for raising all incidents, change requests, or any kind of operational task request. 
  • Logging of all operational activities, identifying who, what and when, and why. 
  • Managing the state of all operational tasks, such as: Production Release, Break Glass Access, Change Management, Access Control Requests, Incident Management, etc.
  • Automatic notification of the appropriate groups or individuals that approval action needs to be taken. 

Application Deployment Services

  • Utilize automation capabilities to reliably deploy application software across all environments (Development, Quality Assurance, User Acceptance Test, and Production).
  • Institute software release processes to reliably promote software version control and deployment from the development stage to the QA, UAT and ultimately to Production, including production release and hot-fix release management.
  • Utilize well tested, auditable methodologies and processes to release software. 

Code Control Services

  • Provide code control services that can be securely accessed by development teams located anywhere in the world and that integrates with popular development environments, such as Visual Studio or Eclipse Integrated Development Environments (IDE). 
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