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Security Services   

The Stratta Group provides a set of corse Security Services essential to any product or service offering. We help our clients meet compliance requirements by instituting proper security architecture controls and capabilities. By combining Stratta Group services and other third-party provider security services, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive set of security services needed for any serious product or service.  Non-functional requirements such as Services Health Monitoring, System Log Capture, Server Patch Management, Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection, and implementing Secure Software Development Controls and Processes are just some of the security services with which we can provide guidance. 

Operational Services   

We provide cost effective Operational Services that are critical to your business. We offer a range of services from Infrastructure Operational Services, Operations Management Services, Application Deployment Services, to Code Control Services.  You can focus on your core business while we keep the lights on. 

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